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Behavioral Health Services – Innovations:

Innovations Waiver Services

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy’s North Carolina Innovations Waiver Services (NC Innovations) is a resource for finding services and supports for Medicaid beneficiaries with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities who are at risk for institutional care in an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID) (Please see Clinical Coverage Policy 8E for requirements for ICF-IID level of care.). 根据《手机bet356客户端》第1915 (c)条,医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心(CMS)批准了家庭和社区医疗补助服务(HCBS)豁免. Our services allow these individuals the opportunity to be served in the community instead of residing in an institutional or group home setting. Based on an assessment of each consumer’s needs, the following Innovations Waiver Services may be provided by our staff of experienced professional caregivers:

Community Living and Support 

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的社区生活与支持是一项个性化的服务,使豁免受益人能够在自己的家里成功地生活, the home of his/her family or natural supports and be an active member of his/her community. 一个辅助专业人员帮助这个人学习新的技能和/或支持这个人从事个性化的活动,并且符合这个人的喜好. 服务的预期结果是增加或维持人的生活技能,或提供必要的监督,使人能够生活在他/她的家庭或自然支持, maximize his or her self-sufficiency, increase self- determination and enhance the person’s opportunity to have full membership in his/her community.

Community Networking 

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的社区网络服务提供个性化的日常活动,以支持豁免受益人在综合社区环境中定义有意义的一天, with persons who are not disabled. If the beneficiary requires paid supports to participate/engage once connected with the activity, Community Networking can be used to refer and link the individual. This service is provided separate and apart from the beneficiary’s primary private residence, another residential living arrangement, and/or the home of a service provider. These services are intended to offer the beneficiary the opportunity to develop meaningful community relationships with non-disabled individuals. Services are designed to promote maximum participation in community life while developing natural supports within integrated settings. 社区网络服务使受益者能够增加或保持他们的独立能力,并发展社区非残疾成员所重视的社会角色. 

Day Supports/ Developmental Day

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy‘s Day Supports is a group, facility-based service that provides assistance to the individual with acquisition, retention, or improvement in socialization and daily living skills and is one option for a meaningful day. Day Supports emphasizes inclusion and independence with a focus on enabling the individual to attain or maintain his/her maximum self-sufficiency, increase self-determination and enhance the person’s opportunity to have a meaningful day. Day Supports must provide the opportunity to discover his or her skills, interests, and talents in his or her community. 


S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的暂息服务为主要照顾者提供定期或定期的支持和缓解照顾个人的责任和压力. This service enables the primary caregiver to meet or participate in planned or emergency events, and to have planned time for him/her and/or family members. This service also enables the individual to receive periodic support and relief from the primary caregiver(s) at his/her choice. 

Supported Employment Services

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy‘s Supported Employment Services assist with choosing, acquiring, 为16岁及16岁以上的受益人维持工作,这些人的竞争就业没有实现或/或已经中断或间歇. The intent of Initial Supported Employment is to assist individuals with developing skills to seek, obtain and maintain competitive employment or develop and operating a micro-enterprise. The employment positions are found based on individual preferences, strengths, and experiences. 

Behavioral Health Services – Enhanced:

Enhanced Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的增强精神健康和药物滥用服务是必须在医学上满足特定预防的必要服务, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative needs of the beneficiary.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA)

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的综合临床评估提供了一个密集的临床和功能面对面评估受益人呈现的心理健康, developmental disability, and substance use disorder. 评估结果是出具一份书面报告,为受益人的治疗或服务计划的发展提供临床依据. 

Outpatient Behavioral Health (OPT)

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy‘s Outpatient behavioral health services are psychiatric and biopsychosocial assessment, medication management, individual, group, and family therapies, psychotherapy for crisis, and psychological testing for eligible beneficiaries. 

Intensive In-Home Services (IIHS)

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy’s service is a team approach designed to address the identified needs of children and adolescents who, due to serious and chronic symptoms of an emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorder, are unable to remain stable in the community without intensive interventions. This service may only be provided to beneficiaries through age 20. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PRS)

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的服务旨在帮助有精神障碍的成年人提高他们的功能,使他们能够在自己选择的环境中成功和满意,而进行的专业干预的次数最少. PSR关注与社区生活相关的技能和资源开发,并提高参与者尽可能独立生活的能力, to manage their illness and their lives with as little professional intervention as possible, and to participate in community opportunities related to functional, social, educational and vocational goals. 

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)


Outpatient Plus (OPT Plus)

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy‘s service is a combination of best practice outpatient therapy services, monitoring, support, 以及为具有复杂临床需求的个体提供传统门诊无法充分解决的护理干预管理. OPT Plus是一个家庭和社区治疗服务,专注于减少精神和行为症状,以减少对更高级别护理的需求,或增加从更高级别护理成功过渡到门诊治疗的可能性.

Adult SAIOP Services

S.T.E.P手机bet356客户端的药物滥用强化门诊项目(SAIOP)服务是由成瘾专家提供的个体和群体成瘾治疗活动,以帮助成年消费者开始恢复和学习恢复维持的技能. SAIOP rendered by S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy will be offered at least 3 hours per day, 3 days per week.

Therapeutic Models/Approaches:

MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING – Motivational interviewing is a directive, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping individuals to explore and resolve ambivalence. Compared with nondirective counseling, it is more focused and goal-directed. The examination and resolution of ambivalence is its central purpose. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This form of psychotherapy fits nicely into a person-centered approach, identifying problems and developing goals to deal with these. By identifying and modifying problematic cognitions, perceptions, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs, CBT tries to adjust and improve subsequent emotions and behaviors. Cognitive interventions, such as education about problems or cognitive restructuring, are combined with behavioral exercises like approaching avoided situations or trying out new behaviors, with the resulting resolution of identified problems/symptoms.

Gentle Teaching – is a non-violent approach to interacting with people with challenging behaviors and/or special needs. Gentle Teaching is an approach to human relationships in general. It can be applied in the family, at school, at work, etc. 


S.T.E.P的手机bet356客户端利用“康复”的概念作为个人接受心理健康服务的最佳实践模式的基础. S.T.E.P的手机bet356客户端实施以康复为导向的支持和服务,以促进消费者定义自己的优势和目标的过程,创造有意义的生活和角色,超越精神病人. S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy embraces, supports, and facilitates movement towards the key concepts of recovery, including:

  • Hope 
  • Personal 
  • Responsibility 
  • Education 
  • Self-advocacy 
  • Support

Person-Centered Planning: 

S.T.E.P’s Developmental Academy understands that Community Mental Health services require best practices. S.T.E.P的手机bet356客户端利用以人为中心的规划作为人生规划的方法(过程),为个人决定现实生活的结果(目的)和发展战略(手段)来实现这些生活结果. The process as defined:

  • Will be driven and owned by the individual
  • Involve a sustained commitment to the life of the individual
  • Be strengths-based 
  • Include a crisis contingency plan 
  • Include reasonable assurances of 
  • health and safety 
  • Contain strategies that reflect the most natural, durable and sustainable methods of achieving the outcomes 
  • Be “real life” outcome-oriented